I hope this isn't against the rules but I have quite a few haikus I wrote earlier this year so I thought I may as well post them up and see if i can get some crit. Cheers in advance. I don't expect anyone to crit all at once though. T'would be mad.
C4C as usual.

Shadows of the past,
Glimpses of the future,
Mean nothing to me now.

Waiting for you,
Just to break the silence,
Drifting from reality.

My heart is alive,
Doing as it pleases,
Is this even real?

More shadows...
We are the Shadows,
But even we can't see,
The things to come.

I won't post the rest for now. I've been thinking of basing a song or two around these But they're not finished enough to post yet.

Quote by Ziggums
I hope this isn't against the rules
it is. read the rules in the announcement at the top of this forum.

you can post them, but only one piece per thread.

i have to report this for closure.
but you can repost properly, after this is closed and after you read the rules.


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