Hello all.

I'm wondering if anyone knows of any amp alternatives. I've heard of people plugging their guitars into stereos to play.

Anyone know of any good (for a non amp that is) amp alternatives like this?

Plug computer speakers into the output of an effects pedal, or straight into the guitar.
playing throught your stereo is not a good idea. I've tried it, and even though I have a very high end sound system, it still sounded much worse then my semi-mediocre amp.
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i have a vox amp plug which is pretty handy. you can get other headphone amps too
I maintain that there are no good amp alternatives. Why? Cuz none of em are as easy to control as an amp. Sides, you can't really take most of em to shows with you. Who looks at someone playin a stereo at a show and says, "Cool. He has a stereo." NO ONE!