Ok, all this time I thought my guitar (Ibanez Rg4EXQM1) had fret buzz, but apparently thats not the problem. Before I decided whether or not to raise the action, I checked everything thoroughly and discovered that the buzzing was coming from the tremolo bridge system (an Edge III ) And the buzzing happens on all of the strings, but the buzzing is louder at some frets and quieter at others. the distribution of buzzing levels is pretty random across the fingerboard.

I am positive that the buzzing is not from the frets, because I get it if I pick the D string when fretted at the 24th fret, which is the highest fret on the fingerboard. Now I've tried finding out where exactly the buzzing is coming from on the tremolo by puting a capo on the fingerboard, using one hand to pluck the string, and one hand to apply pressure to different parts of the system to prevent buzzing; but no matter where I try, I can't find the origin of the buzzing.

Is this a common problem and do you UGers have any idea on how I could solve this problem?
well the expensive ay would be get an original floyd

cheaper way, go get it set up correctly they will fix that

edit: either way get it set up
sorry, but I just got it set up last weekend at my local music shop, and the buzzing was still there before that? I should probably ask the guys over there about it.
Get a Floyd Rose!

Don't lock the strings down with the lockin mechanism. Why? It keeps in tune longer if the lil blocks that you're sposed to lock down jus rest on top of the strings. A guitar tech told me that.
Get it set up correctly the first time. Then get a book and learn how to set up yourself. Why? You don't have to pay to get it set up every time you replace the strings.
Don't be a dumbass with the whammy bar. Don't use it without purpose. It ain't there to be abused.
I think i had his problem, try restringing, not changing the strings and just taking the strings out and replacing them to repostition them if it is coming from the tremolo. Think i fixed mine that way.