Yeah like the title states, I play bass mainly but also like to play guitar. At the moment I have a Danolectro Hodad that I got for really cheap. Im just playing it into my bass amp through my zoom bass multi effect unit which has some decent distortion effects and stuff. I used to play guitar before I went to bass and have been playing for 5 years, so I have some decent guitar chops. One thing im wondering is if I should get a guitar amp first or a new guitar, the guitar I have right now is okay at best, its not really a guitar for rock, more for surf music lol (kind of low output with the lipstick pups). Surprisingly I can get a decent tone from my bass amp, and the digital distortion from my b2.1u actual sounds pretty good on guitar. To give you an idea of the tone I have with my current setup, heres a song I recorded using my zoom bass multi effect unit- SONG

I like stuff like Tool, Underoath, Chevelle, Brand new, Senses Fail, Deftones. I have about a thousand bucks I can spend on a amp and guitar.

Any help would be greatly appreceiated! Thnx.
spend like 400-450 (or however much it is)on a peavey valveking and the rest on a guitar, or maybe get better tube amp used and a low end ibanez
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A VK, a good guitar, and a good OD pedal will get you all those tones. I would go with an Ibanez ART100 or something in that price range, and a bad Monkey OD if you want a good inexpensive one.
if you're going to be gigging, then think about a tube amp etc as suggested above. but as i'm assuming you won't be gigging right away, I'd suggest just a small practice amp (like a peavey rage or something) and get a decent guitar. from your tastes i'd probably suggest an ibanez.

seizetheday fyi valvekings are around $600
thnx for the suggestions. One guitar I really like the tone of is the les paul, but im not going to spend 2k for a guitar right now. However, ive heard that there are some good cheap lp copys out there. Which ones are good though? And yeah I wont be gigging anytime soon, so I dont think I need a really high end amp. Would a POD sound good into a bass amp, I heard the sound on those things are really great.
i hear pods are alright, but i'd really suggest investing in at least a cheap practice guitar amp. you'll get more out of the guitar that way. as for les pauls, there are plenty of them that aren't two grand. look at some of the higher end epiphones. you can get a very nice les paul for around $600 i believe.