A Red Herring From Faith

I've never had much to say, but right now I'm impending on an explosion from inside.
And when it happens and where it takes place won't correlate with anything.
As I stood today watching the trees that still stand sway,
There's another signature that plays its part in mechanising the economics of the state.
And beside that lie a building strewn 50 foot wide.
It read "Life Christian Centre". Another fortress for the ill-advised.
Or another placard to dissociate itself from reality. And further cement any subsidies.
Or belief in a manifactured dissident God. For the sake of plurality this can apply
To any orgainsation swamped in it's religion anywhere.
As I walk on by the Methodist Church. I hear rings of sacriledge.
Cries drowning in their own fears bestowed by their own faith.
These creatures upon first glance appear part of a somewhat normality.
But under their empty breath lies more red herrings to disguise;
Every ****ing time they tell me "that God is the all mighty and wise".
Now I've racked my brains ever more.
Does this desensitised nation built on its ****rag know nothing more?
Than anything they're spoon fed from their leathered sofa living rooms?
From their televisions no less than an arms span wide?
I wish them all a thousand deaths in return.
For the bilge they're pumping into my home and my contemporarie's heads.
I'd pay to see all these diplomats on screen and live.
Buried beneath their own verbal excrement that's accumulated over the years.
Go pray that you're safe at home.
'Cos these streets wallow and pine for more of your sad hollow godly refrains.
When you're confronted by a handgun and the air between
There aren't any requests for mercy to be sung
Or any second thoughts burning from Mt. Zion to be seen.
Now you're approaching the golden gates
But the special one to whom you dedicated your irrational thought fails to alleviate
The constant worries that beseiged you when you deemed yourself wrong (For everyone it's the same).
It was all a bluff. It was all feigned.
You were dealt the upper hand in life
But you'll be the same in death as those who only witnessed rainy days.
It was all a red herring from faith.

Thanks for reading if you read this far
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Could ya tell me the point of this song? With wat in view was it written? Who exactly are you talkin to? Etc.
Those who have faith in any way. Those who are religious. The song has a point in talking about the times in society when faith is irrelevant. It was written when I walked through town and realised just how many religious buildings we have as though it's completely rational to spend our time and money within them. To indebt our life to a god in which no one knows to exist. If you've ever read Propagandhi's lyrics, I've tried to somewhat incorporate the style, they're written as though it's half song kinda half poem. It's weird.
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