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This concerns brand new tokais, not vintage ones.

1st question is, why do some of the newer models have the gibson style open book headstock and some dont? There doesnt appear to be any consistency in it, i have seen some korean les pauls with the open book, and some with the wierd tokai one, and then seen some japanese tokais with the open book and some with the wierd tokai headstock. Are the open book ones the top of the range ones or something?

Secondly, how do the current-in-production japanese tokais compare to say a Gibson? The prices for the japanese ones seem to start at around £500, are these ones any good?

Thirdly, how well made are they? I was looking at edwards les pauls but am wary about importing, but read that the edwards ones arent weight relieved and have long neck tenons, do the tokai ones have long neck tenons, are they weight relieved or not? Im not in a position to play any at the moment, so would like to gather as much info as possible about the brand new tokais. are they great guitars?


EDIT: cleared first question up (went on HC and searched the forums) - the oben book headstock is japanese tokais made for the domestic market (and presumably in the korean models its korean tokais made for the japanese market) and the dimple ones are the japanese/korean made ones for the UK market.

Why do we have to have an ugly dimple headstock? Does anyone know of the dimple is the only difference? or are the japanese ones made for the domestic market better than the japanese ones made for UK??
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Not too sure about the headstock issue, but I've got a Japanese Tokai (LS80) and it's got the open book headstock.
I got my Japanese Tokai for £550 haggled from about £700, and it's an awesome guitar, seriously. Beats any Gibson I've played in the past (standards, classics, studios) in terms of everything really... and I did a head to head with a Studio and it was much nicer.

Not sure if mine's weight relieved, as it's pretty heavy
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