So I got this old, somewhat beat up classical guitar at a sale at a church. The strings were very old so I got new ones and put them on. I got some with the ball ends. Now I've never actually put strings on a classical guitar, but I tried two different ways from two different tutorials and each time, it comes out of tune within minutes. All the strings come out of tune at the same rate. And I'm almost positive that I correctly followed the tutorials. Any idea what's wrong? Also, if it helps, I'm using a set of strings that are half nylon and half metal.
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about 95% of the time, your problem arises because you actually did nothing wrong. classical (im guessing you mean acoustic) or electric, im "pretty sure" that the only difference in the stringing is the actual type of strings used. the reason this is getting out of tune is either

A) seeing as it is an old guitar it most likely has old, half-ass tuners that dont keep in tune very well


B) the natural effect of tightening new strings puts strain on them; you need to put them on, tune it, and then let your guitar sit for some odd hours before retuning them. strings are not automatically designed to be played right out of the bag, then need time to tighten/loosen multiple times to get to the size they need to be without losing tone.

what i do is put them on, and once in tune, i go through each string and do some strenuous, but not too extreme, bends at the 5th and 12th fret, and then let it sit a few hours before doing it again. this helps to speed up the process of loosening them
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Keep retuning it. They will probably not hold tune for a week's time. That's just how nylons are.
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Yup, you're fine. Nylon strings are crazy stretchy. It'll take a week or two for them to settle down.