Me and a few other people got into a discussion about what movie has the best car chase scene and we never came to a conclusion. I thought I'd let you guys in on it. Just say the name of the movie, a description of the scene and if possible, a link to it on YouTube or something similar.

My favourite is on 'Blues Brothers' when they're being chased by cops through a mall.
Damn, I was about to quick reply "Blues Brothers /thread"

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Cops vs Jason Bourne

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Bullitt? Vanishing Point? (< the original) and Bourne?

There really isn't any more answers...
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Death Proof has a fu**ing great 18 minute car chase. The ending is sweet.
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The Matrix: Reloaded.

Just goes on for ****ing ages. Best part of the trilogy imo.

The Blues Brothers is one of my favourite films of all time so I have to also agree with that, although the chase at the end where about 200 cops cars and all the nazis are chasing them is better than the shopping mall one.
Bullit or Ronin

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The car chase near the end of Vantage Point where Dennis Quaid is chasing these hispanic terrorists through the alleys of what I think is Barcelona or some other spanish city.
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Bullit or Ronin

ahhh, Ronin does have a solid chase in it.
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meh. bullitt was pretty good, but he goes round the same corners and passes the same cars like 5 times. although he did his own driving so...win. i guess.
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