*Note* We don't have a singer but our guitarist sings anyways in some songs so don't comment on the singing because we already know its not that amazing. We also played Battle Song just to mess around we do like metal, but we cant sing metal and I don't own at double bass


Thanks for checking us out!

Oh yea and turn the volume up for Epic Nero because its real quiet
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nero was a ruler of rome who persecuted christians if i am correct, you might want to change the name.
not to bad but you do need a singer lol
and ur very out of time at bits drummer very "juttery" and stiff and behind
Were aware Nero was a Roman Emperor and what he did makes the name brutal, but if you see it in a negative way it also stands for the Never Ending Rock Opera and its also spelt NER♂ because were real manly
you dont dont have to have a double bass to play metal.

you dont even have to have swivel pedal.

just one bass is perfectly fine.keep it up.

My band plays a mixture of metal and classic rock.
Like music similar to Pantera's and Metallica's, with mostly soft normal vocals with a little bit of screaming in a few gaps.

We've Recorded an album with our own equipment and fixed it all up.only th members of the band own copies tho. well give em out later.

Kepp it up, youll get there.
yeh u dont need a double pedal
just dont have seriously heavy drum lines, or play with alot of low toms ect if u want that sound
and for covers just change the drum lines..... they dont have to sound the same, make them your own, but good
We just recorded a new song today - "Somebody Save Me"
check it out dudes!