i crakc my knuckles and extend my fingers like im tensing up i feel that it loosens it to a great degree, for my self at least, youll just have to try different things if you looking for a way to stretch you fingers, youll come across something
i sometimes do. but not frequently.
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my fingers can dislocate and pop back into place without effort. it dont hurt neither.
i just do that to all my fingers (except for my thumbs) a few times.

works for me.
I don't...
I just kind of crack them a little and move them a bit to loosen them up.
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pop my fingers or nothing.
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I play the breakdown riff in "The way it ends" By prototype. Big time hand stretcher. That is if you do it the way this site has em tabbed.

Sounds awesome and it's a good stretch, win-win?
I don't do stretches. I start out slowly on some scales and progress from there.