Missed Page

“I come in at night
And expect to see some transparent slut
At the top of the stairs” waving down at me
With a mint in her mouth

A breeze to her step
I have never slept
With her
With her

Its in the days
Where the chalk is dry like your mouth
I'm in love and I don't know why
Its time for the dreams to end

Inside me its crept
The feeling I have slept
In the wrong kingdom

I don't believe she will be
There for me
Its expecting to rain
In the desert

I've missed the page
And gone back to the way it was before

Just dreams
A real quote
We gloat I slept with her
Its a cushion in the classroom

Any critizism on this odd piece I wrote would be appreciated and responded to.
only one piece per 24 hours,
only 2 pieces per 6 days.

please read the rules in the announcement at the top of this forum.


i'm reporting this one even though it came earlier than "Flies Blood" because that one already has some momentum in the replies.
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