I think what you meant to say was, Does an excess of advils make you need to shred?
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Pain killers don't make you want to shred... I haven't tested it though so it could cause such behaviour.
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does excess shredding ever make you need to take advil? or is that a problem that only i have?

How fast are you playing to actually be able to induce headaches and general bodily pain? You really have to do a lesson on that.
It's never happened to me, but hear this:

After I take my dog running, I give him a Motrin (different drug than Advil but the same desired effect) so his legs won't hurt. A walk with him lasts 20 minutes, maybe 30. Imagine how much stress you're putting on your finger and hand muscles when you're shredding 4 or 5 or 8 hours every day.
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Try taking a break after two hours, then resume an hour later after stretching and a hand massage (not fapping). If you feel pain then just stop, better an hour lost than a few months from RSI or tendinitis (I think that's the spelling) And make sure your technique is proper, spasmatic picking may be fast but you'll pay for it later.

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Yes... when you're John {Petrucci and killing people with your intense shredding causes people just to drop dead. Can be quite stressful, you know.