Has anyone heard of this? I saw this video:
and I was hooked. I mean, I'll probably only use it to sample games before I buy them (I'm strictly against keeping pirated games), but damn it sounds like a cool little piece of technology!

So... anyone know where I can get one (there's only 1 on ebay!)? And if anyone's used one of these before, are they worth the cost and the Micro SD card?
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They are definitely worth the cost.

Coming from a proud owner.
my friend found this asian lady selling it on craigslist that would meet up with u in a starbucks and sell it to you
and 100% worth it for the ds
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Yeah, I have one. Worth it 100%, the homebrew is amazing too, you can read comics and also normal books on your ds. Micro SD cards are really cheap i got my 1 gb for 7£ which is about $14. There are many sites online you can purchase the carts from, it really depends on where you are in the world though.
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They are definitely worth the cost.

Coming from a proud owner.

All you have to do extra is buy the MicroSD at walmart or sumtin.
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