Looking for some cheaper speakers to outfit a new 4x12 I got coming from Lopo.

I got G12-T100's in my other 2x12 cab. I got a 100W randall Tube power amp.

So I have about $350, maybe a little more to spend.

Been looking at Warehouse guitar speakers that make a Celestion V-30 copy for $45.00 that folks claim sounds a tad better than the Celestion.

I play brutal death metal and 7 string. I don't know if the V30's will do what I want. I tend to like the tone of the Celestion G12-T100's I have in my 2x12. So I don't want something that's going to sound wore than those.

So I been leaning towards these.

Eminance Patriot Swamp Thangs, the WGS 30W reaper at $80/ea, the WGS Veteran 30, 60W at $45.00/ea. or the Eminance Patriot Swamp thangs for $84/ea.

What do you think?