well i have to say i like jackson guitars, and i found a guy selling a Jackson DXMG for $210 with hardshell case in quote "... in great condition jackson DMXG. Pickups to headstock in prestine condition".

what you guys think?
ill possible do a pick up swap latter.
i got a dxmg i like it ok, i have a dimarzio pup in the bridge. it gave it a little more of a classic rock sound , the basswood body keeps the tone alittle on the high side "nasel" if you will. but it stays in tune, trem works good, it looks good, and its a good metal guitar. i`d play it first b-4 you decide.
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Seems like a great price for a DXMG + HSC.

My friend has a DXMG and it has extremely low action. Really really nice neck. Though, he probably just got lucky buying such a good DXMG. I don't think every DXMG is like his.
if the hardshell case is the jackson one, it's a good deal!

i paid 500 euro for the guitar and around 100 euro for the case

i have the dxmg quite a while now and it has a smooth neck with low action (i lowered it from factory setup)
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