costs roughly between 900-1000 dollars (tax and warranty not included in that so i guess 1200 overall)

I wanna play GNR, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Ozzy, Metallica, Van Halen, i love solo's that have the sweet child o' mine sound or the run to the hills/number of the beast sound. thanks for any help.

the guitar i have is the slash sig. epiphone.

i want good overdrive and clean tone

I also like to use wah

if you need any more information let me know.

thanks a sh**load
well possibly you will comprehend this. Look at a marshall jcm800 and possibly and overdrive. That would be close to most of that stuff.
Newer marshalls maybe, but the JCM800 is an older model that you'll have to find used. Traynors are also a good choice for the sound you want.
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