Okay, so I was downloading music and i got a TrojanDownloader.xs. I deleted the file that had it and it still won't leave. How do I get this piece of crap from my PC?
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virus scanner and remover program
i use SuperAntiSpyware Free Edition
just google that name if u want it
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See kids, this is why you pay for music.

Get an Anti-Virus program.

Well, no.

He just has no common sense.

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Use Max Repel
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See kids, this is why you pay for music.

Get an Anti-Virus program.

Actually, you only pay for music if your dumb. This guy is obviously dumb as hell seeing as he got a virus downloading music.


1. Learn to operate a computer.

2. Next time use torrents.

3. Download spybot (its free) and download nod32 (its not, refer to number 2)
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You're welcome.
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