thanks for the comment, man

and Cast Away seems to be working now if you wanna check it out
Babe Ruth sounded really good. It had a real nice groove to it. Reminded me of maybe a rock song from the early or mid 60s. I was really diggin the sex guitar.

The guitar solo sounded really nice, sounded a bit like a part in Inca Roads, but different. Mystical indeed though.

Castaway was good, but not really my style. The drumming was real nice in both songs though. Very solid performances.

Please crit one or both if you get the chance, thanks.
baby ruth i really enjoyed
cast away wasn't my thing, but it was well done

your friends band is pretty good man
Great tunes. Just wish the sound guy did a better job with the mix, because you could hardly hear the guy with the Ric

Baby Ruth - Nice upbeat groove. The kind of music you grill to on a Saturday afternoon. The first solo was quite nice as well.

Cast Away - A little too slow for me, but has a pleasing chord progression. Seems like a band that should get a lot of radio play, if they don't already


Check out the tune I posted if you don't mind something a little heavier.
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thanks for the kind word guys, i'll make sure i let them know they don't suck

and Shredmark, the links you gave me don't work