So i'm buying a bunch of new pedals (getting away from the gt-6 and into single pedals) so I need to know, does it make a difference on what order you do?

I've seen most people starting with their tuner, then into a wah and other effects. But how do you decide what order the other effects go in?
I'm not 100% sure but I think it goes wah, then distortion, then modulation (flanger, phase, etc), then time-based effects. Sometimes it works well to put the time-based stuff through the effects loop in the back of the amp.
MOONSTER EDIT! I was speed reading and thought you were asking on which order you suggest buying them. So you can go ahead and disregard my following post.

Considering you already have a reverb and distortion you are satisfied with, I'd say a chorus or delay would give you more depth. If you wanna tackle both in one step and have the money I'd definatly check out a Visual Sound H20 pedal. I've been borderline on getting it for quite some time now. A tuner might be a practical answer especially if you're gigging. IMO a wah shouldn't be one of your first because its used much more situationaly, but it is quite fun and does give you some satisfing results. Others also see it as one of your initial pedals though.