Alright guys I play in a hardcore metal band. I play As I lay Dying, The Devil Wears Prada, and August Burns Red type stuff.

I am looking for a Gibson Les Paul. I have a Gibson Nighthawk right now. The neck has been broken off and gorilla glued back on. (My ex-friend did that deed )

I am also getting better at sweep picking so I am going to want a guitar that is good for smooth movements. I looked at Gibson Studios and Gibson Classics. I played my friends Gibson Standard and it was pretty smooth, but it wasn't plugged into an amp so I didn't get to hear any output or tone.

Could someone that knows what I'm talking about give me some advice and stuff like that. Someone with experiences with Gibsons.

Money range could be somewhere between like $1000-1500 give or take.

Thanks guys!
^ agreed. great guitar, i love les pauls but try something new u might like it more.
Yeah I've always been a bit skeptical about buying anything other than a Gibson. It has a lot to do with my stepdad because he is gung-ho Gibson. I have seen ESP's but I have never played one or looked into the quality of one.

Are they a good quality guitar. Tell me about them please someone.
They make an exceptional quality guitar. Ive played a few and they have all felt great. Much better neck than a Gibson if you are planning on sweeping. If I remember correctly Jeremy from TDWP used to use a white one. Also a guitarist in August Burns Red plays one.
all depends on what you want. I really think its smart to break away from gibsons if your dad is gung ho as u put it on them. I would recomend the ESP Eclipse series as well, they look classical but have some heavy in them as well. Also, PRS i hear all good things. Be versatile man, thats whats beautiful w/ music, make your own stuff and be diverse and different.