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How'd you guys like that song, he had horrible tone and it as just overall bad.
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The end almost gave me a freakin' seizure
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It doesn't fit my playing style at all so I figured it would be good for me
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TtFaF doesn't get nearly as difficult. No one has been able to beat this song yet. You can get the Frets on Fire game files here if you think you can.

Well, they made this specifically to be a cacophonous earsore, and pair notes with it that are unplayable. I hate FoF, and I didn't claim I could do this. When I play GH, I fail songs often. I'm not the one to try this. This is actually meant to be impossible, whereas TtFaF is actually just exhausting.
Just because something is harder does not make it better. Guitar hero is a game, and playing it will not make you better at real guitar. there are guys who kick my ass at guitar hero, and play real guitar, and have trouble playing the main riff from enter sandman.


to be honest i find Guitar Hero way harder than real guitar. I cant play anything harder than medium on GH
Quote by Tedward
to be honest i find Guitar Hero way harder than real guitar. I cant play anything harder than medium on GH

Work on that. If you can't play GH, it means you probably have a ****ty sense of time.

That, or ditch GH and at least start practicing guitar with a metronome.
Quote by Tedward
to be honest i find Guitar Hero way harder than real guitar. I cant play anything harder than medium on GH

k uhmm it doesnt take 10 years to be good at guitar hero
...and that's why guitar hero wax's my nuts to a shiny glow!!
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Quote by Tedward
to be honest i find Guitar Hero way harder than real guitar. I cant play anything harder than medium on GH

That my friend, is because you spent months or years playing guitar.
How much time did you spend on GH?

That was one of the trippiest things I've seen in my life.

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I actually enjoyed the song...until the solo got all crazy and the guy playing started missing notes. I'm sure it would have sounded much better if each and every note was heard properly.

Yeah, probably, but I don't think the guitar track was actually coming out of the game, seems like the audio was edited in afterwards.
I dunno. I saw a guy trying to pull a Yngwie Malmsteen look and closed the video.

Music wasn't that bad, but making it difficult for the sake of is getting old.
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Music isn't the Olympics. It's not about showing other people what you can do with a piece of wood in your hands that has strings on, it's about making sounds that are good.
That chart rapes 3-Chords. I'm sure none of you care, that's just a badly made chart.
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That would be a pretty good song if it didn't have those nasty effects/electronic sounds in the middle.
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I really liked the music, and I hate jazz.

That wasn't jazz.

...modes and scales are still useless.

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you know what annoys me about guitar hero? The crappy charts, like say if there is a bend in a song they will put like 3 separate notes there, and sometimes there are notes where there aren't even any in the song. I also hate when there is like a really hard sweep or something in a song all it ever is in the charts is just go up and down up and down the buttons, but i guess thats all they can do.

Also, i think it would be way cooler if they added a button for like an open strum
Yeah it would be cool if they made a guitar hero controller like a converted MIDI guitar type interface where you have to actually hold down a string on the correct fret with maybe even a dynamics parameter so you have to play loud or soft for the notes to count. That's probably a ways off but I would definitely play something like that.

Also, I think there is a mod on Frets on Fire for open string notes.
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