Hi all-

I'm currently saving up for a new guitar over the summer, an upgrade from my crappy strat copy. I have a Vox DA15 amp. I mostly play classic rock, alternative rock, metal, and alternative metal, with the occasional acoustic songs. I already have a few choice of guitars-

-Standard Stratocaster HSS
-PRS SE Custom
-Epiphone Les Paul Standard (plus top)
-Epiphone Les Paul Ultra

Help me decide which to get!
I'd go with the Les Paul Ultra. It's gottten really good reviews and at a reasonable price. Might want to get a pickup change too.
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I'd reccomend an SSS Strat either American or Mexican and an Epi Les Paul wouldn't be bad. Or a Gibson Les Paul Studio (they are affordable)
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I would say PRS. Les Paul/Strat are not for metal.. if you play a lot of metal that is

Dude, you can totally play metal on a Les Paul, and a strat if you have the right pickups.
I have a question thats a little off topic, but you guys seem to know your guitars so maybe you can help me out?

I have an issue concerning my guitar. I bought a guitar off a friend of mine a while back. The issue is I have no idea what it's called so I can't get any info on it. I have tried search engines to find it but no luck. I'll post a description and if anyone can help me out that'd be great.

Its a black, Jay Turser half V. The inlay on the frets are V's. The fret board itself is a very dark wood. it also has a whammy bar. iv found similar guitars but not exact, which is what |I would like.
also if it helps, somebody once told me that it was discontinued (no longer produced)
if anyone knows what its called, please get bak to me