You guys might remembered me making a similiar thread about this the other night, but it died before I fully found out what I was looking for. Heres the scenario:

I have an Epi Les Paul and an Ibanez RGEX1 through a Palomino v32. I like the warmth I get but my amp gets a little muddy, which I'm getting to thinking is the crappy stock speaker's fault. I am in no position to spend big bucks, so I've decided to go with Warehouse speakers. Originally I was gonna get the Veteran 30 (Celestion 30 clone) but the Green Beret and the Reaper also have caught my eye.

I like my cleans warm and bluesy, and my gain to be moderatly high (don't worry I have pedals to achieve this) and kind of mid rich but not bright by any means or all that bassy. Thanks!
The Green Beret wouldn't be good for you IMO because it will breakup at higher volumes. Speaker volume can sound really sexy, but it probably isn't considered desirable for high gain music. I would go for the Veteran 30 because it is like the V30 (nice speaker) without the kind of ice picky upper midrange.
I was trying to stay away from that upper mid soaked sound which is why i was hesitant about the veteran 30 but frothe reviews and stuff I've been reading it seems like its a more smoothed out when compared to the celestion 30.

EDIT: and hats off to you ACDC. you helped me a considerable amount in my last thread as well. My date says this month but I've actually been around as long as you have and its good to have people like you around.
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