I have a Tascam portastudio 414mkII, how would i get the tracks i record to go to my computer?
Hopefully someone with experience can chime in for ya. But I think you need to send your signal via RCA or 1/4" outputs to your computer interface/soundcard. At this point you will have to record on your computer in "real-time" - Play on your Tascam and Record on your computer software. Also, I think the tascam records and plays back at high speed...so just "manual" recording (converting analog to digital) is your best bet. Good Luck!
i've got a tascam dp-02-cf is it the same thing? becus I just use a usb lead, make sure you master them first though cus otherwise that stuff gets confusing.
The Tascam 414mkII is an analog unit
you will need an audio interface to run the audio though to get it onto the computer.

run the audio out the main output jacks then into the input jacks on an interface.

If you are on a low budget, try running the main outs of the recorder down to your line in on your sound card. Audacity can be used to record the track(s).

I personally think the best way to go these days is with an audio interface for the computer. Everything is organized and easy to work with. also the prices of interfaces is fair...
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This is just a temp thing until i get the digital one but.
I got a audio jack like the ones at the end headphones for you ipod or what ever then an adapter plug it into the speaker part of the 4 track recorder then the other part into the microphone then recorded it to sony acid pro.
FYI the ipod type connection is 1/8" TRS.

glad to see you got it on the PC.
The digital ones that record on a hard drive or storage card will give more quality in sound but until then you have an analog unit for quick idea recording.

I'm looking to get the tiny Fostex MR-8mkII 8 track digital recorder just for ideas.
When I sit down at my drum set I tend to get some great ideas but its a pain to walk over to the PC, load up the hard drive, then load up the program and get it all ready to record a track.
When I get ideas I want something quick which is what the Frostex unit offers.
I can easily put it next to my drum module and hit record without even standing up.