Hey everyone

I am not a noob.
I have an original line 6 spider which sounds good.
but I have always loved orange amps
so what do you guys think about an orange crush 30 over a line 6 spider?


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Hope you didn't forget your flame shield.

Orange ftmfw.
I got some good guitars, yo.
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I'm surprised at the lack of response. Ummmm...since I haven't dealt with the spider 1 I can;t really contribute. sorry.
OK, neither are amazing but the Line 6 is awful compared to the Orange, oh and does this count as a versus thread? Or not because it's asking for advice?
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I have a spider 3 and i really like it..very versatile in every way imaginable..the only thing missing is an auto wah function
The Crush series is to Orange what the MG is to Marshall, it's nothing like the real thing. But at least they don't sell Crushes in 100 watt halfstack versions

In short, the Crush is not an upgrade, but a sidegrade. Forget it.
i hate line 6 i own a flextone III XL it has good cleans but everything else is way to digital , specialy the way it feeds back
The crush isn't a real orange get a traynor or save for a real Orange either way it will be way better.
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