...so recently ive been coming up with some really good songs for both lead and rythm guitar, bass, and drums, and ive been comin up with smoe decent lyrics...but the only problem is that i dont have a band so in order to record the songs i would have to record everything seperate by myself and layer it together...so i was wonderin if anyone had any suggestions about recording hardware/software to achieve what im trying to do...

oh and buyin things for thousands o dollars is out of the question...under 500 would be achievable
thanks for any help
uh well maybe an older version of sonar...i find it easy enough to use...you just need to know a little bit about computers
Well, for starters, this is how most of us who record stuff at home go about it. It's the easiest and cleanest way to record your own tunes at home, not to mention the cheapest.

I'd suggest first purchasing an audio interface to replace your stock soundcard. This will decrease latency and improve the sound quality of your recordings. It will also provide integrated mic preamps. The Tascam US122L is one you could look at, which connects to your computer via USB 2.0, and is selling for a fair price. There's loads on the market, that's just one suggestion.

The Tascam comes bundled with Cubase LE software (most interfaces come with some decent software now) which is a decent recording package.

As far as microphones go, the Shure SM57 is a good choice for micing up guitar amps, and a great all rounder too. A new one here will set you back $100, or £125 with cable and stand.

I don't think that you'll be able to record drums effectively on your budget, but you could try using some software to achieve a good drum track. A lot of people create amazing drums this way. What I would do is download the free drum plugin on this website [www.bluenoise.no] and then try it out with the software you get. Then, if you find you can get to grips with it ok, consider purchasing something like EZ drummer, which is a more versatile and higher quality. You could go on using the free one if you like it though...

You could also consider purchasing monitors, which are far better than normal speakers for mixing with, as they give you a sound which is as true to life as possible. On your budget though, you might be as well to purchase a good set of headphones, as monitors are expensive.

Anyway, I'm rambling on, and I have to leave, so my suggestion is :

Tascam US122 - $129

Shure SM57, with cable and stand - $125

Sennheiser HD202 headphones - $30

This only brings the total to $284 dollars, and would be a usable setup. As I said, you might want to get the drum software, which will boost up the price, or a condenser for vocals and acoustic, such as this.

I suggest you also have a look through the stickies, as there's lots of good information on how to get started with recording there..
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