No, ive never heard of that band.
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you mean songs with excesive whammy use?

alotta 80's shredders seem to come to mind (Vai abuses his a bit...bad horsie ftw). Pantera for the dime squeals. of course Van Halen
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Shredhead's advice is the best in the thread.

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i heard they're pretty good.
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steve vai goes crazy with his whammy bar
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Hendrix and Robin Trower come to mind.
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As long as you have locking tuners (if you have a strat)
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^ya hendrix definitely. ummm, (i can't believe i'm saying this but) Herman Li uses them a lot. *holds up extra-super duty-reinforced flame shield*
Every song off of "Loveless" by My Bloody Valentine, for a really cool, original use of the vibrato bar that isn't boring wankery.
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Whispering a Prayer by Steve Vai shows what a Fernandes sustainer, volume pedal, and Edge Pro tremolo system can do. Such a good song...

Over the Rainbow by Jeff Beck is another song for whammying.
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I Cum Blood
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I Cum Blood

I was going to slap someone for not having that song down earlier.
Deep Purple - Woman From Tokyo
Van Halen - all

Also the solo in The Thing That Should Not Be by Metallica, awesome solo.
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You can play Giant Steps with a tremelo.
'blue hotel' by chris isaak
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Just rape the whammy in every solo.

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i find it funny that kerry king has only appered once as a reply...
knights of cydonia(muse) uses a ton of whammy
too much to list

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No, ive never heard of that band.

You killed my stomach! *Ouchy*

Anyway, my favorite song with a whammy bar would be Top Gun Theme. You know, from the movie.

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