I was going to get the metal version of this amp, the ad50vt xl, but I tried out the non-xl version and I found the tone much warmer, BUT I didn't have time to dial in any metal tones. It had a "nu metal" setting, but I didn't really have the time to dig in. Anyone have any experience with this? Metallica and Pantera is as heavy as I like to play.
i'm going to be getting the ad30vt really soon, and i played it for a good half hour at least and i really liked the US hi gain and UK modern more for metal than the nu metal. i would get the 50 but im on a budget. D:
ya i have that amp and a ibanez iceman i can get pretty much any tone i want

the nu-metal setting has the crispest distortion, but the UK modern is great for smooth leads and stuff. i rarely use the American heavy one or whatever its called. also there are plenty of clean tones to choose from
were you able to get a good solid "thunk thunk thunk" palm mute tone? Like early metallica? The only thing I liked immediately about the xl version of this amp was the palm muted tones sounded incredible. But the regular ad50vt's tones were so much warmer and the tone was very clear.
i dont think this amp is too good for metal personally. it really like the clean though.
I can get a very good metal tone on mine, especially on the nu metal setting. It's really good for early metallica. I'll record a few metal riffs for you if you want.