Hello, I have been playing since christmas and I will be honest I still suck very much I can play some songs with Tabs but that is about it. However my fingers have gotten stronger all though I could still use some help on barre-ing. My question/ hope will people please help me improve I have all summer to get above sucking and I need to do it. I have a guitar tutor once A week he is my age and I think I did my first lesson well. I want to learn slide guitar so I was wondering if there are easy slide guitar songs to help me learn. Also a regiment to work on would be nice I have no way in paying, really thanking you for this so I hope you look in your rockers heart to help me. Thank you.
check out www.justinguitar.com
justin's a great teacher
he's got lessons in videos too

just follow along with the Basics and Beginners Course
those will get u started
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Very, VERY, helpful site!! Free, too.
Little Bird by the White Stripes is a great slide song. It's pretty easy to sound impressive on, too.
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