I ma using a line 6 uber metal distortion pedal, it sounds great through my fender 212 at a low volume, but I was playing out at school with my friends and they were complaining about the sound? I was just wondering if anyone uses the same pedal and could give me some setting ideas about getting a good tone. I also have a 2nd gain channel; on this amp, could I use the pedal to boost the distortion or what? help me please!

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Uhm, that's a tough question.
What about the sound was "bad"?
Too much high end ?Feedback? Squeeling?
Be more specific if u can.
They are probably complaining because they have an ear for tone and your don't...yet/. Your Fender is probably from the FM series. They aren't really good at all. On top of that, the pedal you have isn't the best either. and pleassssssseeeee don't use the pedal with your amp distortion. It will sound horrendous.
Is your amp solidstate?
If so they're notorious for sort of crapping out at higher volumes - in which case you'd need more headroom for the same tones that you get at lower volumes.

I don't think the distortion pedal on top of a gain channel would enhance the distorted tones in a pleasing way, it'd be distorting a distorted signal, which would leave you with a mess of mud in most cases.