Woah... really good job. That was really unigue. Kind of like Enter Shikari except 100 ties more creative. Good job. 9/10.
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Damn dude that was original. Kick ass synth bass lol. Great use of some amazing instruments here. I've seen u write lyrics, So im sure u've got this in the bag lol. hehee 10/10 Awesome!
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Holy crap. That was sweet hahaha
The music was fine but the vocals were weird for my taste
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pray for plagues or off the heezay by bring me the horizon both great songs specially when ur at a pit at trhe reall show
@ genre, but if I was really to crit it, that's a really unique thingie. This is the most creative piece I've seen for a long time. 10/10.
Please tell me this is getting recorded.
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Wow, this was really great. To think that someone actually writes in this gengre here. Great work! I will check out some more work from you.

9/10 (Sorry, I never give anything a 10. I don't believe that anything can be perfect.)