i've been learning some music theory here and there. i know some scales now, but i have still not practiced the scales in all the five positions. i know the very basic scales only. i barely know about arpeggios. i waaaaaant to learn how to imrpovise, but when i try to, using the scales and theory i know, i do not sound really good. help?
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just have fun, keep playing and you'll find your voice.
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Don't try so hard. While you're doing something else (most likely on the computer) just have your guitar and mess around with the scales and stuff, and when you hear something you like, play it over and over and keep going with it if you can.
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just sit down with ur guitar and play what sounds good use note relation an just do what you like to do and u can incorporate the scales you know into some of ur soloing
just put on some music and solo to it. its relatively easy to figure out if youre in the right key
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