This is an "workalike" of the acclaimed ZVEX "Super Hard On" boost pedal. It's painted with a nice red powdercoat and labelled by my girlfriend. She insisted on "making it pretty."

The real thing goes for like, $250 bucks; but I have no qualms about letting it go for $75ish. It's really a great pedal.

Here's a picture:


Also for sale is my DIY Fuzz Pedal: This is a clone of the very popular Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face pedal with some modifications suggested by the ZVEX Fuzz Factory and the Axis Face Silicon Version 3. It's black with "dirt cheap" tape-and-pen labels that reflect both the nasty modern and vintage tone this fuzz is capable of. It's supposed to look dirty!

The "Attack" knob controls the amount of Fuzz, the "Level" knob controls the output volume, the "Smooth" knob cuts the harshness of the Fuzz out, leading to a really smooth fuzz tone that's great for 60's style psychedelics. Of course, you could leave it rolled off and get a nasty, heavy distortion tone as well. There's also a "Starve" knob on the right side of the pedal that will determine how much voltage is delivered to the pedal. When it's all the way on, the pedal works as normal, but rolling it off a bit can lead to some very weird ZVEX "Fuzz Factory" tones.

She's going for $75ish.

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Going with the theme here....gut shot of the fuzz please?
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This one's kind of a rat's nest, my bad. I did the offboard wiring before I knew how big the enclosure was so it's not too clean on the inside. Though I assure you it works great!
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free bump for great pedals. especially the sho!
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Hahah...Check the Zvex thread in the lounge at DIYSB Kultur.

Honestly I was half trying to sell the SHO and half trying to see if they'd "snoop" me out and have a "lets save zvex" thread again. I'm very amused by the results to be honest (I made it so obvious, haha!).

Now that half the experiment is over, I think it's appropriate to price the SHO workalike (I did use a different design than Mr. Vex's, though it works exactly the same) at a more sensible price of $75.
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Got some audio for them?
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Hey, I got the Fuzz, this thing is awesome!!!
It really sounds great!

Someone buy the SHO
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Any sound samples available?
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