Your question is too vague - what effect specifically? Which song are you looking at?
Both companies have their strong points but are definately not the end all be all of effects pedals.

Also - too many threads.
the song, "evil woman" by ELO. about 2:40 into the song, after the violin solos. Is that a phaser or flanger?

also, I make so many threads because if I flood the forums, at least SOMEONE will answer....
It sounds like a flanger, and I'm only answering you so that you'll stop making threads.

Your logic is flawed - you go for quantity instead of quality, in this thread you didn't specify much, and when something was suggested all you came back with was
I mean what setting would...never mind, your impossible.

Make your threads coherent and you will receive quality responses; Don't just drop a thread after one response, wait it out and you might get better answers.
*reported* just so you know. and it's b/c you have more than one thread with the same topic. go back to ur other one and wait it out. you're gonna get less help trying to 'flood' the forums than you would if you'd just keep at it on ONE thread.

i'd give input but that'd further this thread's pointless existence whilst another one of the same topic exists.
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