where do you guys get inspiration from.
i have written 4-5 songs, but thats just about it.
kind of ran out of ideas
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Anything I can think of. especially phrases that I think are cool
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death, war, blood, body parts, zombies, torture, rape... all that good stuff hahahahahaha

oh, and satanism.
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haha. thats a funny. my lst one was a bitch.

and i heard reading helps.
this true???
The topics I write about vary from.

Fire,End times, Salvation, Christianity, Drugs, torture, Death. And Yeah thats just a summary of what I write but I write about alot more subjects. But Im into Black/Death metal lyric writing so yeah.

-edit- I forgot to mention I have about 43 songs writen as of now. So you just gotta let it flow man. And Reading can help.
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