Well one of my friends wants to be in my band he said he be the bass player but he has no experience with bass and can't even read music and barely plays regular guitar.
On the other hand theres this other guy I don't really know him that well but yea hes been playing bass for about a year and my friend/other member of the band wants him to be in the band. so yea how should I kindly break the news to my friend that he isn't experienced enough to be in the band?
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experience isnt everything... you might find out the good bassist is a dick and then ur nowhere
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plus its a bass... i could play slap bass by the 2nd week i picked it up... the hardest part will be keeping in time with the band if he practices the songs and knows how to play them... i say give your buddy a chance... but ask your other member what he thinks though
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plus its a bass

I stopped reading here.
Go with the more experienced guy, just tell your friend no.
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well i mean 1 year experience plus hes really nice but the guy who doesn't play bass he's kinda annoying and he treats music like oh its just a bass but really you have to have good rhythm to be able to play well also he doesn't even like the same music we like but the guy whos been playing bass for a year pretty much likes our genre of music
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You know you're fucked up when the pit thinks you're a sick bastard.
well if thats the case just tell him that you dont think it will work out... if hes a reasonable person he will understand if not ah well

and i didnt mean to be disrespectful when i said "its just a bass" ... but bass is not hard to learn... only hard to master
Instead of telling him he's not experienced enough to be in the band, tell him you are holding auditions (which is what you should be doing anyway) for the position of bassist and invite him to audition, but warn him that there are some other more experienced bass players also auditioning.
Then audition both him and the other bass player (seperately) and pick whoever the band feel most comfortable with.
If it happens to be the other guy that the band picks, tell him that it was a close run thing but the other guy was slightly better. This way, at least he knows he gave it his best shot and wasn't just dismissed without you guys even hearing him.
Y'see, you really shouldn't dismiss someone without trying them out first, you never know when you might be pleasantly surprised. Even guys who you have heard play several times before and wern't particularly impressed with can somehow just 'click' with the rest of your band and end up being the right person for the job, but the other main advantage this has is that it gives your mate a little bit of exprience of jamming and auditioning and it shows that you still respect him enough to give him an audition even though the chances of him passing it may be slim.
Plus, as zamok rightly points out, the other guy could turn out to be a dick, which is something you stand a pretty fair chance of finding out, one way or the other at his audition.
^I second Slacker Babbath's advice.
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^I second Slacker Babbath's advice.

Cheers Baba.
Speaking of auditions, I remember my audition for Slack Babbath. I was a bassist at the time and I knew my mate the drummer was putting a Sabbath tribute together so I approached him in the pub one night, after we'd both had a skinfull.
I asked if I could have an audition to join the band and he said 'But we've already got a bassist.' to which I replied, 'Yeah, I know, but I wanna be the singer, I wanna play the part of Ozzy Osbourne.'
He said, 'So can you sing like Ozzy? so I said 'Yes, I think I can.'
'Go on then....' he slured 'sing something like Ozzy would do it'
So I staggered to my feet and stood up right in the middle of the pub and sang at the very top of my voice;

'Politicians hide themselves away,
They only started the war,
Why should they go out to fight,
They leave that all to the poor.'

And he said 'Congratulations, you've just passed the audition, welcome to the band.' and shook my hand.

It was the second easiest audition I've ever had.
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what was the first easiest?

I once turned up to audition for a band as a bassist.
There was a big room where the band played and a small room where myself and two other bassists sat, waiting to be called in for our respective turns.
A guy came to the door (the rhythm guitarist/singer) and called the first guy in, and me and the other guy sat there listening to him play in the other room, after a while he returned to the small room, packed up his bass, and left.
Next, I was called in. So I picked my bass case up and followed the guy into the band room, only to hear 'Fu*kin' hell, what're you doin' here?' from the drummer, who was a guy called John Kelly and a really good mate of mine that I had previously been in a band with.
I swear, I honestly had no idea he was involved with this band but as it turns out, it was his band that he was putting together and he'd actualy auditioned every other guy in the band, (two guitarists and a keyboard player) so after he'd passed me a can of Special Brew and once we'd sat down, had a natter and caught up with each other (we hadn't seen each other in a while) I eventualy answered his initial question by saying 'I've come to audition for your band John.' he turned to his rhythm guitarist, pointed his finger at me, and said 'We'll have him! Send the other guy away, and let the first guy know he didn't get the job.'
I never even played a note and I'd passed the audition by sharing a beer with the drummer.
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hahah thats awesome... good to befriend as many people as ya can eh?
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hahah thats awesome... good to befriend as many people as ya can eh?

Yeah, it just goes to show that it's, quite literaly, not always what you know, but who you know.
Well I was in a similar situation. From his standpoint that is. I knew these 2 dudes decently (Guitar and Drums) I played guitar but wasnt that good. so I told them I would play bass . After hangin with them and stayin cool things were good and they were confident in me.I got a bass few months later for christmas a Dean bass and a Kustom amp were the best presents I got to this day. I had played simple stuff on guitar that would sound like a bass line and played it on bass and sounded good. After about 2 weeks of practicing with them flt really comfortable with bass. Try and get him to get a few bass lessons perhaps and an other thing we would go to guiatr center and fool around with the instruments so I would get more intrested. Ive been playing since Christmas and im pretty decent now. However dont know are yu guys getting close to trying to get gigs?