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I'm not gonna give you too much background on this build. The only things I'm gonna tell you about it are that I bought this schecter 006 deluxe about 2 years ago and haven't played it much at all because its a right flipped lefty and the knobs get in the way. A few hours ago I thought "this guitar is just takin up space on my rack, I'm bored I'm gonna make a new body for it". So about an hour later I started making the body. I made a template and routed and cut away.

2 piece poplar body
schecter parts
schecter neck
black paint (Maybe)


Looks pretty good, but are those scorch marks along the horns?

I'm curious as to why you'd buy a righty flipped lefty? outrageous deal or -?
I just bought it because it was a good deal. no scorch marks on this. I just rasped it and filed it. no sanding done yet. its really rough still. It's best to do no sanding until your done all your routing and carving.
Can I have the old body?


Looks awesome so far btw
I don't know what I'm doing with the old body to be honest. It has a few paint chips and all of the hardware is taken off of it.
Well If you don't want it Ill take it off your hands. Ill put it to good use.

What are your plans on finishing for this new body?

edit: I just saw black paint, reading ftw
Gloss black nitro. Maybe another color, I'm not sure. But almost definitely a solid color.
This is just cruising along now. I got pretty far today. I carved the top and routed the neck pocket. The carve is much more dramatic than the wimpy carve that schecter had on the original guitar, I love it. pics!

Yea, the joint is going to be contoured. the wood actually doesn't look as good as it appears in the picture, I'm not gonna go with a clear coat I think I've narrowed it to either cherry red or jet black I haven't done any work on it since I've posted those pictures, but tonight I hope to get the electrics cavity routed and maybe the bridge posts.
Cherry Red!

Black is a little boring, in my opinion, but either way its going to look great. Ace work on that body so far.
wow you have skill
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Anything but Black, go ****ing crazy on it but anything but Black. It just really defeats the purpose of painting it when a good deal of the 006s are Black.
looks good! Go for a nice white finish.
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alright, I guess its not gonna be black, I'm gonna go crazy on it. I'll have the only popolar 006 deluxe around.
I know for a fact that a glossy white 006 looks rawsome! Especially with a binding.

Edit: Also, the Schecter headstock actually looks very cool reversed. I hadn't thought of that before.
hey carousel, i love the carved tops you do on your builds, i was wondering how deep they are?
this one is a little under 3/4ths an inch carve my regular ones are a little under 1/2 inch. I got the back carved and the electrics cavity routed bo pictures til i get home though.
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alright, this build is in the middle of the finishing process now, here are some pics! It's gonna be painted whatever the best color they have in stock at the time i go to get paint.

haha they didn't have neon green or any colors like that. so, i just went with "championship blue" it looks really cool. pics will come later.
warrrgh coool

reminds me of when my uncle got a rental car (beetle!)

colour was "Techno Blue"

this color isn't really called championship blue i was wrong, i was thinking of championship white. this is just deep blue.
nice! Really quick build! Are you pulling like 8 hour days on this sucker or something?
nope, i actually had a stretch of 2 or 3 days that i didnt do anything on it at all. i probably work on it for 3 to 4 hours a day when i work on it
Looks nice ^^

I was never a fan of blue guitars but I actually like it on this

BTW are you from Reading PA? I noticed the newspapers xD
awsome, not a fan of the blue, but your speed and skill is imense
thanks, im not that big of a fan of the blue, but i don't ave any other blue guitars so i figured I'd go for something different instead of making it black.
could you send me the template if u made it on a PC please. awsome build i was waiting for someone to this shape its probs one of ma favorites nice work especially with the carving niceee
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What is that big hole at the neck joint for?

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the neck?
unfortunately i didn't make the template on a PC, but I could probably scan the template some how.
thanks man
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Quote by hminh87
What is that big hole at the neck joint for?

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the neck?
alright, the finish is finished, all i have to do is wait for a few days then buff it out. I want to finish this and have it all set up by the 18th so I can play it before I go on vacation.
last pictures before its buffed. i just repaired the finish a little bit tonight (had to spray again unfortunately.)

good news is that the coat is really smooth which should make wetsanding a lot less trouble than it was last time.
What paint did you use? What clear coat did you use?

The color is great, really beautiful.
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