This is a song I finished just recently. No vocals yet, so it may sound a bit repetitive, but try not to focus on that too much. Here's the link: http://www.soundclick.com/util/getplayer.m3u?id=6581225&q=hi

Feel free to leave a link to your song and i'll crit. Thanks!
Who cares about vocals? This track is great.. very well written, every riff fits.
Great use of harmonics after the 4 minute mark. The last solo is excellent. I like instrumentals so I personally don't find this repetitive at all, there is enough riff work and drum breaks to really keep it flowing. How did you record or arrange the drums? More than anything I think the overall recording quality is top notch, I wish I could get your kind of tones in my own work. If you don't mind i'd be interested to hear your setup on how you record guitars.

I'm a little embarassed to ask you to crit my muddy recording but if you dont mind, its also an instrumental (with just a drum loop haha)
Dude - i'm digging the clean section - kind of opeth like.

It's a wicked track overall - not boring at all. Not sure what you dig but i'm hearing evil as death roars over some of the heavy stuff. the breakdown around 4 minutes is hot as well.

Has a good overall vibe to it - awesome track.

check out one of mine, not the heaviest i've done, but hopefully you like it
Whoa, I totally digged the dissonant feel to the intro and the double bass pedal. The clean part just blew my mind, kind of reminded me of Nothing Else Matters >_> at first. The bass riff is extremely catchy during the clean section. The move back to the dissonance seemed a little awkward at first, but I adapted nonetheless. I have nothing to complain about, this is a great work.

Please crit mine at https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=875769 , thanks!

PS: I LOVED the breakdown followed by pinch harmonics
Very cool man. Quality change of feel at the start from that dissonant metal sort of thing to the clean acoustic. I can see the Nothing Else Matters thing being noted about the clean section. Once again sounding very tight man and the breakdown is headbangalicious - maybe worth banging the drums up on that somehow? Really get that sort of... vibe, you know what I mean? but yeah, lead work is definitely cool! Keep going man
Thanks for reading
Right off the bat it kinda gave me this Poison the Well vibe. I totally like that. The tones were nice. I like the dark yet melodic thing you have goin on. Its really cool.
And that sudden change into clean guitars was awesome. Really pretty stuff you got there. Very well written. I think the when the heavier part comes back in it needs a bit more punch. Just to grab some attention. And the break down was the balls.
Awesome job.
Keep it up.

Check mine out and let me know what you think

I loved the spanish solo around the 1 minute mark.

Overall I loved the tone of the recording, but I would try and make the bass drum louder on the heavier parts.

I think it works great as an instrumental, but it definitely would benefit with some vocals. I'm thinking in the style of Geoff Tate, but that's just a personal opinion.

If you could listen to my instrumental track "Insomnia", it's in my profile.

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very good.... like it a lot.

my only crit is that the drums are too loud (mainly the kick), the guitars not loud enough and I cant hear any bass at all - maybe a splash more lead work aswell?????

feel free to check out my stuff at www.myspace.com/effusion
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that was amazing. it was really, really good. i wanna be able to write music like this, but i cant make music worth a ****. it really is really good. even though it would be better with lyrics (even though i like instrumental music more) but that was definetly very good. if you dont mind i would like you to pm me anything else you make.