I plan on going to a College for Christian Music. Actually I cant say plan, but I want too, I love guitar and God so I started to think about it.

I know most of you dont like Christian music at all but this has nothing to do with that.. so with that said..

What do you need to know to go to college for music? I guess you could say I was self taught. A friend got me into it, he taught me a few basic chords, then I got a teacher, I had him for a couple months, he started to teach me notes like, on a staff of music or the actual sheet music ( not tabs or chords ) then I stopped, I didnt want to pay for it and I taught myself for the next couple of years from there.

Obviously I dont know everything and I need to learn more, hence the reason im only a freshman in high school so I have the time, but can you also tell me some good places to learn this stuff?

What I know:

Mostly rhythm and chord stuff, I play for my youth band, so I know a lot of worship music.

I can read tabs

What I dont really know:

I dont remember notes like on the staff or what ever.

I tried to get into theory, I got as far as.. 12 octaves or something and every fret is a half step 2 frets is a whole step? then I just got way too confused.


Thanks for your help and advice!
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Yeah, you probably want to go into college with a basic if not intermediate level of understanding on music theory. If you don't know the basics by now, get moving. Not to sound blunt but, if this is any sort of a competitive college to get into, you're already tripping in the race.

Take time and learn from the bottom up. There's tons of free stuff on the net to help you out. You may want to invest in a private guitar instructor that is fluent in music theory as well to help you along the way. Good luck!
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They will have a basic music theory class in college that starts with learning how to read sheet music and note durations. Music theory 101 i think it is called.
You're expected to already be able to read music. Unless your college music department is comprised of retards.

Seriously though, learn to read sheet music and charts. Grab a copy of The Real Book by Hal Leonard and just go nuts. I never did specific studies when i was in high school, I just had a Real Book and my teacher and I played tunes and I just picked everything up.

Granted I also took music theory up through symphonic score analysis (year 3 in my school) in high school.