I have a Kramer Focus 6000 made in the mid 80's. It has 2 singles coils and 1 slanted bridge humbucker. It has an original floyd rose. My question is that a friend of mine has a Dimarzio Super Distortion which he gave me however it is a regular spaced pickup. WOuld I noticed any difference with a regular spaced pickup vs. a f-spaced? I was under the impression that in the 80's that no pickups were f-spaced that's why some companies slanted the bridge pup.
Yep, you wouldn't want an f-spaced humbucker for a slanted slot. That SD you have now will work fine. Even if it was f-spaced, the difference would be negligible, but that isn't a concern.
measure the distance from the first pole to sixth pole. if it exceeds 2", it's f-spaced. if you use regular spaced pickups, the difference is negligible.
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