So i found my perfect guitar sounded great at the shop bought it played at home seemed diff not as loud switced between pickups same thing then finnaly an hour into it idk what i did but it roared with sound n screamed any1 have any idea what happened and what it is i think its fixed but may not be becasuew what if the screaming dissapears is the the pickups switch cable etc or guitar
lol why sooo ? it works now i want to find the problem and what it was
it sounds like ur cable
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i just hope it is my cable it was low and NOW SCREAMS god i lm in love n never want to return it its just the neck feels so perfect n that sound I PRAY ITS THE CABLE i tought it was pickups could it be?
let me specify roaring and screaming it just lasts longer n then i mute the strings n i hear it echo away as in before it didnt do that it didnt scream as long
sounds like the cable was loose. also if you have EMG's, change out the battery.
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na no emgs just the schecter ones but wow what an upgrade from the ibanez gio series gax70 haha so no way its the guitar ? i just want to rule it out cuz noway i would want to return this ever
yea i could n there was one another one but it didnt feel the same as this schecter didnt idk it felt heavier and i couldnt shred like i do on this one