i'm going to put some locking tuners in my guitar, but i dont want to have to drill bigger holes in the headstock. does anyone know of the radius of holes needed for any types of tuners? i'm thinking about getting the sperzel 6 in lines, but and dimensions for any type of tuner will help me
some tuners (and because of this, different guitars) have different hole sizes.
the thing on warmoth (clicky) will give you an idea of popular brand's sizes...
it seems sperzel uses 25/64" holes. That being said, I have no idea if they'll fit your guitar or not, as I have no idea what guitar you have..

hope that helps a bit.
thanks james4. this should help quite a bit. thats why im looking for the size of the hole b/c i know some are different sizes. im looking at the sperzels cuz theyre good quality and not real expensive, but if it means drilling into the guitar, i will spend a little more money to keep from doing that. btw i have a johnson strat
if my holes are 1/32 or 2/32 bigger than necessary, will the tuners still fit properly or will the holes be too big?