The BB King Lucille guitar, I hear, resists feedback at high gain better than others for reasons I don't know yet.

Are there any other semi hollow guitars that resist feedback naturally more than other models? And why/how?
The reason it resists feedback is because it lacks f-holes. It's still semi-hollow, yes, but the maple top is solid.

Basically, the feedback occurs from the natural properties of acoustic instruments to resonate. Sealing the f-holes (often by foam or something similar closing them off), or not having them in the first place, cuts down on that sort of resonance, lessening the unwanted feedback.
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Okay, I guess that explains the Lucille part of the question.

But are there any other such semihollows that cut back on feedback?
The smaller the hollow resonating cavity of the guitar, the less feedback you'll get. Like my Ibanez, it's a bit smaller than a Les Paul, and it responds very well to high gain. The Epiphone Alley Cat is similarly sized.

To be honest, I get way more feedback through single coils at high gain than with my semi hollow.