I've seen this in a lot of bands who change their style. When they do this some fans of their earlier work accuse them of "selling out". Insisting they know what the true form of the band is supposed to be. One of these bands in RHCP. Saying their first five studio albums are their best.

As a big advocate of artist's expression it annoys me greatly when people think that just because they bought X's albums, they should have some kind of input on their musical direction.
true to an extent, until its painfully obvious a band is just turned into a huge gimick.

rhcp i dont really know about i use to hear the odd song from them back in the day. one band i do know off hand is in flames. everyone said reroute/soundtrack marked them selling out, and come clarity/a sense of purpose marks the return of their old style of riffs, but they will NEVER be what they were jester-whoracle era, or even through clayman. up until soundtrack it was like they were a new band every 2 CDs, now they just sound like generic american punk-metal. you can hear them progressing to it, the thing is they influence metalcore, which they now are sounding like they are going to metalcore.

but how can i judge the motives behind their new album, all i can say really is that i dont care for it.

not to mention: some people say an artist changes styles for the fans, what if HIS taste in music changes and he doesnt like his old style anymore, why shouldnt he change. in above example, maybe jesper is more into the rock metalcore thing now. who wants to listen to the same CD being remade for 10 or 15 years anyway?
Quote by Sabaren
who wants to listen to the same CD being remade for 10 or 15 years anyway?

AC/DC fans ZING!
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