This thread is simple. Just list all the rituals, habits, modifications, etc. that you apply to your guitars, picks, amps, or whatever in order to help you play better.

I sandpaper the tips of my picks to be nearly flat so that I can use the front of the pick for precision pick tapping, instead of using the side of the pick and risk hitting other strings.

I also use a hole punch and punch a hole in the center of my pick so I have a firm grip on it all throughout playing.
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I sand paper the part of my picks that you grip so they won't slip, and if the tip is dull I'll sand it to a sharp sharp point
Anytime I pick up my bass, I play that little intro part to "Dig" by Mudvayne.
It's annoying, actually.
If it counts, I seem to play better/more accurately whenever I wear a watch on the wrist of my fretting hand.
I play some of the riffs I wrote every single time I pick up my guitar. Don't know why. I also seem to love playin parts of this instrumental I wrote. It's a great warmup cuz it's very fast and requires your fingers to work fast quickly.
Probably doesn't really make a difference as to how I'm playing but I crack my knuckles before I start.
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If it counts, I seem to play better/more accurately whenever I wear a watch on the wrist of my fretting hand.

That's because clockwork precision rubs off.
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I also use a hole punch and punch a hole in the center of my pick so I have a firm grip on it all throughout playing.

that's ingenious. wow. good idea. i actually cant think of anything right now. oh, i pick in circles, if you know what i mean... i freakin hate it and i try to break the habit but too bad it doesnt work. i wah with both feet. when the logo on my pick disappears, i stop using it and save it in my used picks stash.
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put a pick in between the three higher strings after my nut

toss some sort of bracelett or rubber bands on my wrists to weigh them down so i can get loose
and thats about it
Works wonders for alternate picking.
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That's because clockwork precision rubs off.

Ba Dum Chh. That was a killer pun, I tip my hat to you.

And yeah, I'm OCD but I don't actually have ANY rituals or anything. If I'm playing guitar, my reverb pedal HAS to be on and whether guitar/bass I can't play if my strap is twisted. Otherwise, I just do whatever. I don't even have a practice regimen.
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Something that I started doing recently is to warm up on a different instrument. I have a myriad of different instruments that I play, but I ultimately consider myself a guitarist. that isn't to say I don't get bored of the guitar though. when I do get bored of my guitars I play on, say, my keyboard, or harmonica, or whatever just to re-familiarize my self with a perspective of music that I had lost on the guitar, that'll usually help me play my guitar perhaps not more skillfully, but with a little more emotion...
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I fart in my hand and quickly cup my nose and breathe in deeply, becuase not only does it smell like ****, I also play like ****.
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everyone tells me i really shouldnt play with a watch on my right wrist cause it'll catch the strings. But i cant play for **** without it and i've never caught the strings with it lol
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Lol. I shoot up, man. No. I'm kidding I find heavy rings, put them on my fongers, and stretch my fingers as far apart as they can possibly go over and over, as well as flexing my wrist And a long time ago when i was still using my Epi LP Special II (Ew.) I would take the tone knob off because it would always fall off on its own. And many other things that I won't discuss here =P
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The first thing I do every time I pick up my guitar is play some double stops on the D and G strings because my G string has a bad habit of going out of tune slightly while the rest of my strings are in perfect tuning... so that instantly tells me if my G is in tune or not - just a habit that I've gotten into.

Also I just started sanding the finishes off the necks on guitars that I use because it makes them feel more comfortable and have a slicker feel to them (helps your hand slide easier).

Other than that there is nothing out of the ordinary that I do.
For some reason every time I pick up my guitar I play the first few notes to "Still Got The Blues" by Gary Moore.
I draw pics on my picks

I sometimes record a basic rhythm via tape recorder and try to solo over it. It works well, actually.

I also experiment with the most bizarre tunings imaginable. Like, with no pattern at all. Or something like A-B-C-D-E-F (from top to bottom) It can be quite fun. And hard actually, because sometimes I accidentally break strings by going too high >.< Gotta decide whether to tune higher or lower.