Anyone else have it or even heard of it? I've been trying to do some research on this thing, but it seems like there's nothing out there on it. I got it a swap meet for 65$ as far as I can tell it's of 70's vintage. All I know is that it has AMAZING clean tones with enough tweaking of the bright knob (better than 95% of amps I've tried.) The distortion is pretty much for rough, dirty, loose blues, but I like it. Anyhoo, just wondering if anyone can gimme any more background on it, or just have any comments. Although I doubt it, because no one who I've talked to has ever heard of it before!
Great pick. I'm familiar with the 212. They were great amps. They came out in the mid to late 70's. It was wierd, when they came out, because being solid state amps, they acted like the tube amps of the time - when you shut them off - the preamp section of the amp would send its signal to the output stage and you would get sort of a power surge for a few seconds, if you were playing at the time it was the best sound the amp produced! I've been trying for months now to track down an old friend who had the 212 and doesn't play anymore to try and buy it.
Niiice! Yeah, I LOVE the whole power drain thing! It freaks people out almost when I ask them to turn off the amp for me and I keep playing. I actually used it as a poor-man's fadeout one time at a show... I don't think I could ever get rid of this baby.. I love it. I also love the true spring reverb... and hitting the side of it for fun.