So, I got a new phone, and all my contacts are on my new phone, but my ringtones from my old phone aren't. Anybody know of any way to get them on my new phone without buying them again?
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bluetooth? depends how old the phone is!

and thats the main problem with buying ringtones that are handset locked (or having a handset that doesn't let you transfer them)

(ps: you could probably find half of them for free online!)

If all else fails, most modern phones have voice recorders on them. just use that.
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1) Download Audacity
2) Get the song you want
3) Import it into Audacity
4) Edit the part you want (30 seconds is the usual limit for a tone)
5) Export as an mp3
6) Put it on your SD card in your phone
Email it to your phone number as an attachment.
7)After you put in the SD card, send the sound to yourself via picture message, then download the sound as a ringtone.
When you get the email, download the tone attachment as a ringtone.

TA-DA! Now you can make any ringtone you like for free!