Does this happen to anyone else, and if it does, don't you hate it???

When your learning a song, and after you learn it you get tired of the song from over hearing/ playing it, even though it's a good song. It happens to me a lot, and it's really annoying. So does it happen to you too???
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if it's a really good song, I don't tend to get tired of it. so no, I do not share your seemingly normal problem
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Go learn Babe by Led Zep on an acoustic.(acoustic part very important)
I have been playing this song daily for the past month, and still love it.

And yes I've gotten bored learning new songs plenty of times, just never songs that I pick out. Usually the crappy covers my band wants to do get stale very quickly......
Yeah, i get tired of playing songs i absolutely love sometimes, but thankfully i can play songs from different bands and genres, so i always play something that i am in the mood for.
Usually everyone around me hates the song, as I play it constantly

I was actually banned from playing the riff to Layla at my house...
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I usually like a song more after learning how to play it...

Exactly the same with me.
It becomes more fun when you can listen to a song and think, "hey, I can play that", rather than, "damn, I wish I could play that".
yep, normal.
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