I put this in the recording section of the forum but got no replies sooo.... i am recording with my boss gt-8 atm by connecting the digital out port to my maudio audiophile 2496. The sound is ok but i get unwanted distortion when recording, even when the signal is not clipping. Could this be because i have set up the settings on my soundcard specifically to the gt-8? I set the S/PDIF to S/PDIF in when recording is this right? Do i need a mixer inbetween the sound card and the gt-8, i wouldn't think so cause it's all digital signal :S Is there any other ways to hook it up? Midi?

Any help much appreciated
I probably missed your post in the R&R but...

are you using SPDIF cable or just RCA?
you should be using SPDIF

(now you dont need a mixer unless you plan on using the audio inputs on that card (which is what I have mine setup for)

Try adjusting settings in your windows taskbar. Theres the m-audio settings icon.
the SPDIf should show input and output signals when you open the mxier there.

The 2496 doesnt have any on board preamps so if you wanted to run your pedal using audio you should get a small Tapco mixer and run the tape out to the card.

also be sure you go thought the settings on the GT8, there me be something you have to switch to use the SPDIF
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