So just coming out of a relationship, I wanted to rebound and bounce back into the dating scene of course.

Now, where I live (Long Island, the same town and Lindsay Lohan grew up in, actually was in the same High School as her for a year and half, and where her moms new show is being shot) so basically you could get the idea its one of the more upper class side of long island, where are the girls are pretty much the same like that, really into the meat-heads, guidos, pretty-boys, not into me who you may see looks more rock/punk somewhat, not guido pretty boy basically.

Anyway, what would be some good spots to hit up to pick up some more girls with more in common, and hm I wouldn't even mind a scene girl, always wanted to date one, they've been on my to do list for a bit now, getting a strange attraction to them. Haha

Also didn't know if this should go into the relationship thread or not.
Over there they have a choice to be in a relationship?

olde enough for a hooker?
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